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A future full of of In app purchases

Some of my favorite purchases I’ve made have been to unlock levels or new content. A great example is from Robo Defense . It turns out that many analysts and experts are predicting that more people each year are making these purchases. A trend that no doubt started in Asia where the market is more mature, but now is everywhere.

Here are some interesting findings for developers interested.

  • In app purchase to account for 64% of Overall App revenue by 2015. Source: Inside Mobile Games and iSuppli (chart below)
  • Ryan Kim of GigaOm wrote a great article about recent findings showing engagement is the key driver to sell more In App Purchases. Link
  • Ever wondered how much some developers can make selling virtual goods? The Game Bakers did a good job of sharing some findings here  Also take a look at this article from Inside mobile Apps on Camera+ (5% of rev from IAP) and Buddy Media (30% of rev). link
  • Finally, here’s a good write up on who is buying these Virtual Good.s Justin Siegel from Gamasutra. Link
  • In App purchase estimated growth
  • 24 January 2012